It’s a pleasure to burn.

Im Evan. This is a little black spot where I want to smolder away on politics, psychology, propaganda, culture, book & movie reviews, and probably a whole host of things.

In a past life I was a wildland firefighter to pay my way through university. After a fire has burned its way through the forest, everything is quiet and still, waiting for the living things to return. It’s black, with drifts of white ash and bright red hot spots. That's the burn - a surreal place that never lasts long. Burns start charred but clean, and get messy quickly as flora, fauna, and firefighters all start making their way back into the aftermath of a blaze. This Substack will be messy as well, but the rough plan is to focus on one goal (start writing again) and one question: What happens when mass movements begin to heat up?

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I hope you find it a pleasure to burn.